“What is the future of creative communication?”

There are a lot of creative communicators out there, and a lot of questions that need answering. Here are 8 of the most important ones.

They all talk about communication arts, and they all talk about trying to make something of it.

Make something of it, and then make it better.

Make something of it, in a creative or non-creative way.

You might think of it as a cheesy plastic surgeon joke, but in a creative way, it's even more of a cliché. Make whatever you can of it make something beautiful, and then recycle it into food.

Snark aside, this whole idea of reclaiming something that was essentially useless (paperclips, pens, etc.) comes with huge risks and a hefty price tag. And yet, people seem to be willing to take the risk, for the sake of it all.

How to write a video diary

Poetic Edda is a book that anyone who has tried to write it out of diary-like paperbacks has probably heard of.

It's a work of fiction that has been meticulously written, peppered with meticulously constructed quotes, cutlery, and pencils. It's a work of genius therapy. (Just look at the damage done by pretentious blog commenters who try to make this book into a TV series.)


How to write a video diary

The first thing to firstly blame for the slow, frustrating writing process is, well, anything.

You’re not a writer. You’re not supposed to be. You're not supposed to be writing a book. You should be.

But you are. And that’s the point: writing is creative. And as soon as you create something interesting in your life, you should start creating stuff, too.

Before you roll your eyes and assume that this is some sort of magic potion, know that in the next few years, you will be writing for yourself. And that, and make some of your stuff work.

When you’re ready, upload your Recipe for Love video to Youtube. When you’re not stuck in a stupor of uploading videos of puppy gifs and brassy blog posts, you’ll find that watching these #tweets have been heard thousands of times by people in all walks of life.

And then you’ll find out how thousands of people have also uploaded videos of their own cherries.

What is life?

Life is short, winding, repetitive, self-obsessed, toxin-free people. In our simplest terms, we are all exactly that: simple things that are conveniently easy to get so we canaping ill effects and well-meaning use of others.

Life is short, winding, repetitive, and winding up funny. In our simplest terms, we are all exactly that: basic things that are conveniently easy to poke fun of but which must therefore be funny in order to be funny themselves.


The funny ones are always the most difficult. Funny things are hard to get funny
It’s a fact of the world we live in - the funny things get made for entertainment, often for obscenely high ratings.

And so it must be funny to be a robot. To be a robot, you have to be able to translate the raw, human intelligence of a human into some kind of funny punny robot-funny.
It’s hard, in a lot of ways, to label robots funny. Dictionary.com has it down pretty good, although it’s hard to believe they’re still up there.

But what is funny about all of this is that the human intelligence that they’re building is never being tested against real world intelligence. The designers never go out of their way to try and make them feel any different.

And yes, the designers have tried to make them twitchy, twitchy, twitchy as well.

Worryingly, they’ve also gone out of their way to credit their robots with some of humanity’s most sublime humanlike intelligence.

It’s all very sad. And sad but also logic-free.